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Monday, 25 March 2013

Now in production…

by Lindsay Goodall - Documentary Filmmaker in Residence

Since our commissioning meeting in February I’ve been working flat out looking for contributors to be involved in my documentary about health inequalities in Glasgow. It’s been a whirlwind journey so far, taking me from Bridgeton, to Parkhead, Tollcross, Shettleston and many places in between. Along the way I’ve met some really wonderful and generous people, who are genuinely enthused about my plan to make a film in the area where they live. 

In particular I’ve had a lot of support from the fantastic people at Playbusters and Bridgeton Community Learning Campus, I’ve met lots of locals who’ve responded to posters I put up in local shops (a very big thank you to the Morrisons’ notice board!), visited the Lodging House Mission, and enjoyed many meetings over copious cups of tea at the brand new Bridgeton Library (which also houses the first ever British Film Institute Mediatheque in Scotland). And last week I was reprimanded by the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland.

I’ve also had the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful architecture and history of Bridgeton while on the Bridgeton Heritage Trail (check out the heritage trails across Glasgow, they’re fab) and have spent quite a few hours dumping the jumbled mess inside my brain onto my wonderful producer Lili Sandelin who has a great knack for helping me put everything back together into a coherent whole.
As well as learning a lot about the people and place where I’ve lived for the past 7 years I was recently taught the slosh at a tea dance at the Whiterose Community Hall. Growing up in Fife, I wasn’t aware of the slosh until fairly recently, but it seems it’s quite a big thing around Glasgow. To help you picture the scene check this out:

There were fewer men and a little less swearing at the tea dance, but apart from that it was not dissimilar, and I had a really good time.

So I’m learning a lot, meeting great people and trying to piece everything together and have a finished film by May. I’m really grateful to everyone who has helped in my research and development so far, and I hope I succeed in making a film they will be proud to contribute to and enjoy watching.

www.bclc.org.uk (Bridgeton Community Learning Campus)
http://www.lhm-glasgow.org.uk (Lodging House Mission)
http://www.olympiaglasgow.org/news.html (library and mediatheque)

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