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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Mon aventure écossaise chez les chercheurs en science sociale ...

Coming from the South of France, I had some prejudices about Edinburgh: Wet, dark and cold! As a sociologist, I should have known that prejudices are a mistake, and indeed, I have spent two weeks with cool and rather sunny weather… But that was not enough to take me out of the Forum (except during the week-end!), because here is the brightest light of my journey.

When getting in, Margaret, the Administrator will give you the first friendly welcome. The place is cosy and seems quite. Despite, everybody is very busy here! European programs, publications, surveys, meetings, seminars, ... well just a day in the life of an ordinary research team? Not that sure! Because, at the Forum, there is no scientific routine. Interdisciplinary, of course, and ready to meet people from all disciplines, biological, sociological, medical, sciences, ... But, that is not enough, because here come also social and economic actors, and even artists. What for? To escape from scientific routine, for sure! 

As an environmental sociologist, my journey at the Forum was an opportunity to bring more sciences studies in my work, as knowledge, expertise and incertitude are central in the comprehension of the evolution of nature management. And so I did as I was able to access a wide range of scientific literature offering rich material to discuss with the researchers of the team.