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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Photographing the Genomics Forum..

by Georgina Wood
Genomics Forum, Photographer in Residence

Working with the Genomics Forum was a great opportunity for me to continue my practice after graduating from ECA.

During the residency I attended several different events organised by the Forum and was able to learn a lot about Genomics and the Forums work. At the start of the residency I researched several different areas. Once I had a clearer idea of the current topics and the work that the forum carried out, I was able to narrow down my research and base my ideas around one topic.

I was interested in the current and future status of Bio-fuels and their expected contributions towards renewable energy. It was clear from my research that Bio-fuels were not a problem free answer to our energy demands, however with future developments it seemed that it could be possible to improve on current sources of Bio-fuel and use these resources to contribute towards our energy requirements.
As my work is often based around the environment, this was a fantastic opportunity for me to expand my knowledge of an area of particular interest to me.

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