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Monday, 13 February 2012



I'm exploring origins today...Reading Erwin Schrodinger's seminal text from 1944 "What is Life?", which seems, reading it at the end of my residency, eerily prescient of the genomic view of life...including the downgrading of the idea of "genes" in favour of a more holistic, four dimensional "thing in itself" version of that molecule of heriditary which can have existerd no more than theoretically for his audience in 1944...and harvesting quotations therefrom fro my March 29th event at the Traverse...

but I also came accross the above link to the very first Body/SciFi movie, J Searle Dawley's 12 minute long adaptation of Frankenstein from 1910. Well worth a look...particularly at the "creation sequence" about four minutes in. Frankenstein doesn't re-animate a corpse here, he grows a body from scratch...or rather, soup...and the phenotype self assembles behins a closed door...in a pot.

Oddly, that's roughly how we might actually do it.

PS...you'll need to copy and paste the link rather than just click on it...

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