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Friday, 16 September 2011

Read Your Own on 22nd September

This is another recent TED talk I think is worth a gander...not for those who are already familiar with what is going on in the life sciences so much as for those who aren't.

Like almost everything else I come across it's a mixture of hype and caution for me...and it's worth bearing in mind that the bio-industrial revolution here described is only one narrow corner of the whole picture : personalised medicine, individual genome sequencing.

To Resnick's credit he knows that it raises as many questions as it answers. But he gives a sense of how transformative the new thinking in biology is going to be. If you've got the cash...as insurance companies surely do, among others.

If I get the chance and the laptop, I'll be playing this at our Translating the Genome Free and Open discussion on Thursday next at 4pm in the Traverse bar.

May need a drink after.

Peter Arnott is Resident Playwright at the ESRC Genomics Forum April 2011 - April 2012. Appointed in partnership with the Traverse Theatre Edinburgh, Peter will be hosting a number of public engagements as he explores ideas and seeks inspiration for a genomics related play.

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