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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Meeting Up

Anyhoo…the next bit of my masterplan is to start meeting people and talking about this. If there’s anybody out there reading this, this means you…

Last Thursday of the month…June 30th…2pm … and the same in succeeding months…excepting August and December

I want to convene an informal group discussion around key texts I’ve dug up…Trav staff, writers’ groups, anyone else I can dig up…

(Burke and Hare made their contribution to the materiality of bodies and knowledge just round the corner, don't ya know)

The idea being to run a few of these ideas past and through some craniums (crania?) other than mine…to talk about this stuff not as people who UNDERSTAND genomes necessarily…

Just people who’ve GOT one…and are interested in what it means.

I’m posting a sort of poem I’ve written with some first thoughts a bit later on today…and we’ll see what kind of conversations we can get going.

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