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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Party time - the sequel

By Claire Packman – Egenis Communications Officer

The last of this season’s party political conferences was the Conservative conference, which took place in Birmingham and it was my turn to help in running the EGN fringe event.

Security, as Toni has already mentioned in her blog post, was extremely tight, and I felt pretty self-conscious carrying the case containing the EGN banner down Broad Street, which was lined with barriers, turnstiles and police. Everyone was charming, though, and security staff laughed and joked even as they frisked me for hidden newsletters and flyers – oh, apparently that isn’t what they were looking for.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

It’s Party Time

By Toni Freitas - Genomics Forum Events Manager 

The political party conferences are grabbing headlines on a daily basis, and only if you have been hiding under a rock or sunning yourself on some remote beach would you not know of the buzz these events have created in the media and in politics.

It was exciting for me to be involved in a small part of these events.  For the first time, the ESRC Genomics Network organised fringe events at the Green, Liberal Democrat, Labour, and Conservative party conferences (see Christine’s blog) and the Forum website for more.  Each event has a different topic up for discussion, and I got to attend the Green Party conference on 13 September and the Liberal Democrats conference on 21 September.